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How Each Lonny Editor Took Happier Camper For A Spin

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Photographed by Ashley Batz for Lonny.
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As a San Francisco-based team, we are always looking for new ways to get outside and explore the Bay Area. So when we heard about Happier Camper, the Los Angeles-based start-up venture (with a new showroom in Marin) renting new and restored vintage trailers that master design and functionality, we had to try it out. 

A new-and-improved way to explore the outdoors without having to worry about the logistics, this model is opening our minds to all the possibilities of outdoor pursuits. The camper features an innovative modular interior, which makes it so easy to customize the trailer for any specific needs — camping, schlepping, grilling, you name it!

This light camper hitches to the back of a car with ease, and you can take it anywhere. Each Lonny editor drummed up an idea on how to use the camper. From a lemonade stand to a beach-side set up, there's really no activity this little vintage-inspired mobile can't do. Read ahead to see every editor's interpretation of setting up camp.